Our RON product runs as ROS on all our sites; Metro, MetroMode and Metrojobb, that is on all our standard placements; Panorama, TWS, Rectangle and Mobile Panorama.


Material needs to be sent to Metro 3 business days prior to campaign start.

Send material to es.or1508692354tem@s1508692354noita1508692354repod1508692354a1508692354



Banners with white background color must have a solid dark frame of at least 1 px border.
We do not recommend the use of flash/SWF.
HTML5 banners are not hosted by Metro. They need to be delivered as third party script.
Auto start of sound is not permitted.

Banner material can be image files (GIF/JPG/PNG) or third party script.
Links will open in new window.
Metro Nordic AB uses the adserver ADTECH.

We recommend all advertisers to follow IAB Sverige ”Creative Guidelines” when producing banners.



  • – Panorama / Rectangle: 980×240, max. weight 200 kB. Format: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5-script / third party script
  • – Panorama 728×180, max. weight 125 kB. Format: GIF, JPG, PNG
  • – TWS: 250×360, max. weight 200 kB. Format: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5-script / third party script
  • – Mobil Panorama L / Interstitial: 320×320, max. weight 150 kB. Format: GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5-script / third party script



There are no specific rules for creating image banners as GIF, JPG and PNG. Dimensions and maximum weights should not be exceeded. 


We do not host HTML5 material, such as image files to build the banner locally. We kindly ask you/client to send us a thirdparty script with the banner hosted elsewhere. 


We do not recommend the usage of flash (swf) banners since most browsers no longer show flash content automatically on site.

If advertiser still wish to create flash banners, please see below.

  • Maximum framerate: 18 fps
  • For maximum backwards compability, only Flash versions 8-10 and ActionScript 2 are supported.
  • To use AS3, a AS3 clickTAG is required, contact us if you need more info. 
  • Audio must be initiated by the user through a click on the banner. Therefore we do not allow auto-play audio.
  • Do not load external resources into the creative and do not collect data without first consulting with Ad Operations
  • Creatives with a white or very light background color must be complemented with a surrounding border (1 px solid dark color)
  • Please supply back-up creatives for all corresponding Flash creatives, in a .jpg or .gif file format for users viewing the banner without Flash or who use an outdated client.
  • The entire creative must be covered by a button with the following code snippet: 

on (release) {
getURL(_root.clickTAG, ‘_blank’); 

Guidelines for creation of flash banners
Keep the CPU-usage in mind when working on a Flash creative for display advertising. In many cases several banners are loaded onto the site viewed in the visitors browser. Banners that utilize a lot of the users CPU resources may cause the entire site to perform poorly and a bad page-experience. 

Metro always use quality assurance software to be confident that creatives are up to standards before bringing them online. The environment in which the banners are tested is a virtual machine with the following specifications:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Adobe Flash 10
  • 1.5 Ghz CPU
  • 920 MB RAM


The CPU-usage is measured several times per second during the validation process and when finished returns with the average CPU usage, peak CPU usage and sustained peak CPU usage. These values then determine if the creative passes or fails. Should one or more of the banners fail the validation process, we will return the creatives to the producer with remarks.

Advanced creatives containing high resolution images, gradients, animations and detailed moving objects increase the load on the users CPU.

Therefore, we ask you to keep the following in mind:  

  • Refrain from implementing animations based on mathematical calculations in ActionScript.
  • Remove unnecessary key-frames in animations and use the Flash Tween-functionality instead of relying on frame-by-frame style animations.
  • Keep the frame rate at 18 fps or lower.
  • Reduce the use of gradients, transparency, masks and animations.
  • Images used more then once should be converted into symbols, this can reduce the file size and CPU load.
  • Limit the alteration between each key-frame. Find alternative solutions to your animations.
  • Relocate more CPU intensive code and heavy equations in first few frames of the creative further back in the timeline if possible to reduce the initial CPU load.
  • Events and functions that require user engagement are preferred. For example mouse-over activated features.
  • Avoid unnecessary timers and loops as those are among the biggest issues concerning CPU-usage.
  • Solid strokes requires less memory than dotted, other types of strokes and the brush-tool.
  • Group several objects together, make commands to the group instead of individual objects.
  • Use less fonts/typefaces.
  • Use vector graphics instead of pixel graphics.
  • Optimize vector graphics, use Modify – Smooth, Straighten or Optimize to reduce the number of vector points.




To be able to load heavier external resources such as video and high-resolution-images the material needs to be build through a polite banner, that is loaded after the website. Please note that the max weight on the format (specified above) is the weight ok to load initially prior to onload, all other weight should come after onload when the site has finished loading. 

Our marker is set at 4,5 seconds so after that the polite weight can be loaded up to 1000 kB on top of the weight loaded prior to onload. This is to avoid material slowing dowing our site. Please contact us for more information.



  • – Format: SWF linked to FLV or HTML5 script delivered to us, hosted by client.
  • – Framerate: 24 fps
  • – Codec: ON2 VP6, or H263
  • – Sound: Permitted only in user interaction (click/mouse-over)
  • – Max weight SWF: 100 kB
  • – Max weight FLV: 500 kB



  • – Dimension: 320×320 px 
  • – File type: jpeg, gif or png
  • – There must be space for the video in the banner, as a ”frame” for the posibility to implement the banner. 
  • – Max. weight: 1 MB 

  • – Format: mp4 and/or WEBM
  • – Video lenght: 10 seconds
  • – Sound: Permitted only in user interaction (click/mouse-over)




Ads must be in GIF, JPG, PNG, script or HTML5. Animated GIF’s are permitted. Do not deliver flash material for mobile since Apple do not run flash in mobile devices.

  • – Dimension 320×80, max weight 100 kB
  • – Dimension 320×160/320, max weight 150 kB 
  • – 
We recommend you use a URL to a page made adjustable to mobilephones.
  • – Banners with white or transparent background needs a dark frame at least 1 px border.


Animated GIF

We recommend that the message of the ad is shown in the first frame since some older versions of Android has problems with animated gif-banners. Link the ad to a landingpage of a mobile adapted site.